Animating Kids: Inbetween Blur

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We have a new segment called Animating Kids. This is the first lesson about the secret recipe for creating a special effect known as an “inbetween blur”. It’s a neat effect to create the illusion that a character sprints from one place to another.

Check it out. If you want to print out the recipe sheet with the instructions, it’s posted in our members area. Just sign in and download!

Animating Kids

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2 Responses to “Animating Kids: Inbetween Blur”

  1. Carter Roberts says:

    Thats is Cool! Jonah is quite the Mini MMMMMMMiiiiiiiiinnnniiiiiiiii Mini Chef. – oops, I guess the ‘blur’ doesnt work with text:)

  2. Mori Farmer Muir says:

    Love that boy!!! He’s growing up!

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