Animating Kids #10: Eye Pop 2

What You Will Learn

Popping the eyes out of a cartoon character's head is a very old cliche.

This recipe creates the illusion that the eyes leave their sockets and hover in the air in front of your character's face with frenzied energy. 

This is a more extreme version than our first Eye Pop recipe.

Why This Is Important

When you want a character to overreact to something, popping the eyes out of the socket does the trick. 

Controlling the face and pose of a character has everything to do with how your audience will think about your movie. This type of extreme pose leaves no room for guessing. 

This recipe also contains wind-up, follow-through, squash/stretch, and shake. These are vocabulary and concepts from our Animation Starter Kit.

But you don't have to go through our starter kit to make this happen. Follow the steps and you'll be learning some of the most basic moves in animation. 

Now go pop some eyes!

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Stay tuned, on Friday we have another Shark Vs Rabbit coming! 

Until then, 

Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs