Animating Kids #11: Personimation - Flying in place

What You Will Learn

This recipe uses spacing and posing to create the illusion that a person is hovering over the ground. By jumping up in the air and kicking your heels back toward your rear end at the top of the jump, you create the illusion of being 2 or 3 feet off the ground.

The tricky part is taking one picture at the top of the jump. We only need 15 pictures, which should add up to 1 second of animation. You will have to jump 15 different times to get a loop.

Then we can copy and paste the loop of animated hovering as many times as we'd like to create a short movie.

Why This Is Important

Any time YOU are the animated character, the concept sinks in deeper. By being animated, we become better animators. When we animate other characters, our experiences of being animated transfer. We have it in our bones now. 

This recipe is about mostly about getting the pose right. If we can consistently pose in the hovering pose at the top of the jump, the animation looks better.

This can be difficult. Good luck.

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Stay tuned, on Friday we have another Shark Vs Rabbit coming! 

Until then, 

Bon Animate! 

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