Animating Kids #12: Personimation - FLying with Overlapping Flapping

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to combine two different actions to create the illusion of flying like a bird: the jump and a series of flying poses.  

This recipe builds on the Personimation - Flying in Place, where we hovered over the ground. Only this time while in the air, we will be posing our arms as if we were flapping wings. This is called overlapping action; the main action is jumping, and the posing of the arms is overlapping the main action. The bottom line is, we have to keep track of two types of poses. 

In this case, combining them creates the illusion of flapping arms keeping the body in the air. 

Why this is important

Animators must often keep track of multiple movements at the same time. This recipe is a great way to introduce the multi-tasking necessary to create certain effects.

Striking a pose, and then jumping while holding the pose requires focus. 

This is also a great team activity. The animator, and the animated. Two people working together as an animation team. Taking a picture at exactly the top of the jump can be tricky!

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Bon Animate! 

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