Animating Kids #13: Mosquito

What You Will Learn

You will create the illusion of a mosquito flying into the camera lens by snapping pictures of a mosquito in size-order, from smallest to largest. Animating a character coming from far to near in cut-paper requires planning and proper timing.  

A slow-motion effect will also be created as the mosquito slides down the lens. Spacing will be key to creating slow-motion.

This recipe is an experiment in impact, with comical after-effects. 

Why This Is Important

Beginning animation is often limited to left to right, or right to left motion.

When something comes from far away to close, estimating what size to make things get tricky. 

This recipe is an experiment in how to minimize the work of morphing a character from small to large as it comes from the horizon to a close-up

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Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs

P.S. Here is a link to our Animation Starter Kit if you want to begin learning the vocabulary, formulas, and timeless principles of stop motion animation.