Animating Kids #15: Car Parallax

What You Will Learn

Another recipe in parallax, this time with a car. You will learn how to create the illusion of scenery passing a car as it stays in the middle of a long shot while driving. 

You will learn how to move background elements slower that items closer to the camera. 

Why This Is Important

Parallax, or perspective in motion, is a very powerful tool in animation. When done correctly, it saves a lot of time. Parallax can often be looped over and over if the original animation has at least one cycle of it.

This effect is used in all the classic animations. It is a wonderful "cheat" to save time, and to make the whole scene looking like it is moving in perspective. 

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Stay tuned, on Friday we have another Shark Vs Rabbit coming! 

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Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs

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