Animating Kids #6: Flag Waving

What You Will Learn

This lesson is a basic formula to create a flapping motion a flag would make during high winds. With just three different shapes, you can create a wavy illusion. This is also the first time we have introduced a "loop". A loop is a repeating pattern that cycles through the same motion over and over.

That is it. Plain and simple, but a great little piece of animation business that looks good in long shots of schools or arenas.

Why This Is Important

Learning how to loop a motion saves a lot of time in animation. The flag waving exercise is an ideal example of this. Once one cycle of the flag is animated, the cycle can be copied an pasted as many times as desired.  Bird wings flapping, running, dribbling, swimming, are examples of animations that can be looped!

So keep waving that flag! 

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Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs

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