Animating Kids #7: Small Explosion

What You Will Learn

This is our recipe for making a snappy little bang. Like the Poof recipe, the small explosion requires keeping track of many different prop sizes, and sequencing them in the proper order.

By following our timing suggestions, you will create a fast and flashy little boom.

We introduce color here too. Since most explosions have some sort of flame, using fire colors like yellow, orange or red will enhance the effect. If you don't have colored paper, get out the crayons and get your flame shapes that way.

Sound is, as usual, the most important part. Get your mouth close to the microphone and make your best explosion imitation.

Why This Is Important

This is a recipe is mostly about timing. If you don't have a sense of how to make things happen fast or slow, your animations will not be convincing. If animated too slow, the drama of an explosion is lost, even if the sound is great. 

So following the timing in the "small explosion" will sharpen your abilities to make something flash fast and snappy. It doesn't take many pictures to make things crackle!

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Until then, 

Boom Animate! 

Animation Chefs

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