Animating Kids #9: Cloud Parallax

What You Will Learn

Parallax is perspective in motion. If you are moving in a car, turn an look out the window. Whatever is close to you looks like it is moving by really fast. However, if you look out to the horizon, things far away appear to move slower.

This effect is called parallax. You will learn how to create this effect while your main prop or character stays in the middle of the screen. In this case, we use an airplane.

Why This Is Important

In the Spacing is Speed recipe, we demonstrated how to make things move fast, medium and slow. This knowledge is all important in parallax. Things closer to the camera move fast. Things far way move slow.

Parallax happens when we focus on an object moving along with us. It depends on knowing how far apart to space out the things in the foreground and background.

The parallax in this recipe is also a loop. Once we get a cycle or two, we copy and paste the parallax effect to play as long as we wish.

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