Animating Kids Lesson #2: Fighting Cloud

What You Will Learn

The chaos of two character's tussling is the illusion we are going for here. This is a cartoon cliche going way back. The idea is to create a kind of organized mayhem. With just a cloud, arms, legs, and eyeballs we can make this happen. You will learn to rearrange the props after every picture to create the illusion. The most important part is sound, of course, which you will add at the end. 

Why It Is Important

This exercise is interesting because it causes you to think in the simplest possible terms to create a complicated illusion. We could have all the limbs and eyes and bodies grappling in a big confusing mess, or we can make it simpler by adding a cloud to cover all that motion and just give us glimpses of body parts flashing in and out. The mind, ears, and eyes will work together to assemble it all into a meanfull illusion without us having to add every last detail. Have you ever read a paragraph where all the vowels were removed? You can still read without vowels because the mind fills in blanks to make meaning. Same thing is happening here.