Animating Kids Lesson #4: Driving Chairs

What You Will Learn

Spacing is essential to creating the illusion of acceleration and deceleration in animation. Increasing the space between pictures creates the illusion of acceleration or speeding up, and we demonstrate this in todays tutorial. 

You will also discover why posing is very important to flow of the action during the animation. 

Sound is also key to help the audience believe the performance. The ears and eyes working together help the mind create the believability of the animation. 

Another interesting trick is that we had to take about 30 pictures of nothing happening at the end of the animation. This is key to helping you enjoy the animation. Taking pictures of nothing happening is one of the hardest, yet most important part of any animation. (more on that in our Animation Starter Kit)

Why This Is Important

Actively and intelligently predicting spacing requirements is a skill of a good animator. Movies are like giant flip-books played at 15 frames per second. To show speeding up or slowing down requires an animator predict how to vary the spacing of a character or prop between pictures. 

Posing is also important. Holding onto a steering wheel is "the pose" of driving. (until self driving cars are everywhere)

If you change that pose from frame to frame, it distracts from the basic motion of driving. We didn't intend for this to be a movie about somebody having spasms while they drive. So we kept the arms and hands locked to the steering wheel while driving.

After we hit the wall, we intentionally changed the pose from picture to picture because those poses create the illusion of flailing and falling to the ground. Choose your poses wisely!  

You can learn all this by scrubbing frame by frame through this animation. Go back and see how important spacing and posing are to the success of this video. If you want to break it down further, in step-by-step videos, go here

Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs