Lesson 4: Sound Design and Uploading Your Cartoon

In this lesson we show how we layer sounds onto our cartoon in iMovie. iMovie is certainly not the only sound editing program out there, so we try to make it as basic as possible so you can map this understanding upon any other sound editing program.

The bottom line is that we are not using any fancy microphones or complex equipment. Most laptops and iPads have microphones built into them today, so you can just think up stuff and say it right into your device.

We like making sounds with our own mouths as much as possible. You can use sound effect libraries, and some programs ship with quiet a variety, but it takes a long time to scrub through piles and piles of sound effects. We like making sounds on the fly right in our editing program so we can get this up online in a "good enough" version.

We are about fast and easy. This lesson is a demonstration in low-tech sound effects, with a bit at the end about uploading.

Bon Animate!

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