Animation Chefs Take Manhattan: Tribeca Film Fest!

We were invited to participate in the Tribeca Film Festival's Family Day street event on the final day in New York City. The Tribeca people wanted us to help hundreds of young animators learn stop-motion animation recipes, techniques, and tips. We only had time for each new animator to make a few seconds of footage, but each young media producer brought a special flair to their creations by making their own clay and paper figures.

For most this was the very first time they animated anything. And many were very pleased this was all done on iPads. As usual, we used iStopMotion's app to bring good things to life!

If you'd like to see their creations in action, join our member's area to the right. We've posted well over 100 animation experiments by kids mostly between the ages of 5 and 10. We'll also be posting a "behind-the-scenes look at what it took us to set up such a wonderful tent and get ready for the day. This will be in the members area shortly.

Join and we'll give you a head's up when it is ready.

Until then,

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs