Mother's Day Animation: Animation Chefs Blossom!

We love doing animations for people we care about. We love sharing them. Sharing animation via social media, custom animation, is like handwriting a letter. Sure you can go buy a card, or send an email, or a text, or a tweet. But when you receive a handwritten letter, it get's attention. It stands out. It says you care enough to take the time to sit down and write the old fashioned way.

Even though it isn't old fashioned, doing an animation for a special occasion has the same effect. It stands out. It says, "we took the time to really think this through. We worked at 15 frames per second to make your day.

Because that's how much we think of Mom.

You should try it. All it takes is a little imagination. A mobile device with an animation app, and a bit of an edit on a laptop.

We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Mother's Day

P.S. Sorry for butchering Beethoven's Fifth.