Princess Rescue: Fan-imation in Green Screen

We took our green screen from episode 5, a few 7 year-olds, an idea about dragons, knights and princesses, and came up with this movie. We made a storyboard from our imaginations. We built a castle out of cardboard, bought a toy dragon and viola! We were good to go. Stop motion animation, blended with live action has been done in Hollywood for over 100 years. The only difference now is that we can do it in computers; and we don't have to develop film. Our animation and our acting don't have to be the greatest in order for us to have fun. We just have to have an idea and the materials to build stuff and the lights to light stuff. We had a little bit of help to make sure the green screen came together after we found out some of our lighting was messy. But all in all the story comes across in the fact that the princesses still got rescued. Making your own movie with friends is more doable now than ever before. Enjoy!