Shark vs Rabbit #1: Spin Cycle

Welcome To The Shark Vs Rabbit reboot! 

At Animation Chefs we have always promoted the idea that kids today can make their own cartoon network.

We made a short series called Shark Vs Rabbit years ago to demonstrate how this can be done. 

It turned out to be our most popular and shared posts. 

We have always wanted to reboot Shark Vs Rabbit now that animating with mobile devices is so much easier than when we used webcams and laptops. 

Now that we have successfully launched our Animation Starter Kit, we are jumping in to restarting Shark Vs Rabbit! 

Every week! 

Shark Vs Rabbit will be commercial and ad free! Same with our Animating Kids! tutorials. You won't see redirects to other videos on Youtube at the end of our websites videos.

We are committed to having our subscribers get the cleanest ad free space possible. 

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Thanks for watching! 

Bon Animate! 

Animation Chefs