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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 This is a reprise of a St. Patrick's Day animation two years ago! We are prepping for SXSWedu in Austin and are a bit overwhelmed to do a fresh animation this year.


We used iStopMotion and we have done a huge tutorial on how to navigate your way around iStopMotion's interface in case you are going to try your own St. Patrick's Day animation this year.

Give it a shot! The whole family worked on the animation above. From beginning to end, it took us four hours. Including our video intro. Nice way to spend some family time with a mobile device! Actually producing something, instead of gaming! Mix it up people!

This is what excites us about teaching you animation. You can think up an idea in your cranium. And the next thing you know, it is alive and moving on a screen! We live in the most amazing times. With apps like iStopMotion and iMovie - anything is possible. But like us, you sometimes might have to skip dinner to make it happen.

Make your friends and family "green" with envy, and make an animated St. Patrick's Day card this year!

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs