Call of Fruity: Pot-O-Problems Animation Challenge

We had to work at night, many nights, on this challenge from the Pot-O-Problems. Our mom bought us the fruit and it went bad fast. So we had to animate at top speed. Learning how to do stop motion animation with produce presented some unique challenges. How to get bananas to fly? How to get a celery stick to be an animated first-person-shooter gun? How to get a scene put together without ruining everything else in the fridge with the doors open.

Making a movie in the kitchen was also tough. We literally had to put plastic wrapping on the kitchen counter to preserve the vegetable from night to night. Having a shrink wrapped counter top is not our mom's idea of functional meal preparation space. By the end the fruit was squishy and rotten. We truly had Zombie fruit.

We are very proud of this movie. We shot the entire thing on an iPad, using our favorite mount proving once again that the mobile revolution is upon us. Movies made on mobile are the future, and the future is here - it's just that not many parents know it yet.


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