Call of Fruity: Behind the Bananas

A peek behind the bananas in our Pot-O-Problem animation challenge, Call of Fruity. While we are not the first to parody first-person-shooter video games, we think we've taken an interesting angle in this short animation.

The unrefridgerated vs the refridgerated fruits and veggies.

We give you a glimpse from one of the nights working in our kitchen...not the Animation Chef's kitchen, but our own. Mom had to approve much of what we did to her sacred space. (She make a cameo appearance)

It took us five or six nights of rotting fruit and blue light before we had enough to work with. Our iPad mount with a wide-angle lens created a great look and feel to the whole movie.

Our favorite part is not featured in this clip. We got slap-happy while making up the puns for the Voice Over kill phrases, i.e. impeached, ava-carnage, split-pit, mojito, etc.

We hope you enjoy Call of Fruity and this short glimpse into our midnight madness.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs.