Animation Chefs: Animating Shark vs Rabbit!

Here is a little RetroAnimation Chefs. We created these lessons for our members over two years ago. Now it is time to let the rest of the world see our methods and madness as we make more media to re-stock our private area.

Look over our shoulder as we bring a scene from Shark vs Rabbit to life. We roll up our sleeves, get out a stopwatch, time out the events, then hop into animation. We show it to you timplapsed so you can see the whole scene unfold.

Even though we use an iPad to do this these days, the process is the same. Move, take a picture, move, take a picture, move, take a picture, move, take a picture...then Voila! - You have an animated movie.

We timelapsed our animation so you don't have to take as much time watching as we did filming.


Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs

Animation Chefs: Storyboard Secrets!

Why do a storyboard? Because planning saves time in animated storytelling. That plus you have an opportunity to move the camera around for effective emotional impact. This lesson on planning animation shots, focuses on how story-boarding can be used to make your movie better!

Try turning the sound off next time you watch your favorite TV show or Youtube video. Count how many times the camera changes from a close-up, to a medium, to a long shot and visa versa.

Each shot or scene in your movie has a purpose. And each shot is a camera position. Even in table-top animation, we need to think about ways to move the camera around. This is best thought through with storyboards.

Watch this short lesson and find out how the animation Shark vs Rabbit went from being a simple "one camera" position movies to multiple camera angle movie via some good old fashioned storyboarding.

Bon Animate!