Animating Kids: Inbetween Blur

We have a new segment called Animating Kids. This is the first lesson about the secret recipe for creating a special effect known as an "inbetween blur". It's a neat effect to create the illusion that a character sprints from one place to another.

Check it out. If you want to print out the recipe sheet with the instructions, it's posted in our members area. Just sign in and download!

Animating Kids
Animating Kids

Fan-imation: Kids Learn Animation in Doha Qatar.

We were invited to teach kids animation in Qatar by the Institute for Family Studies during the biggest conference on Social Media in the Middle East. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to get our passports ready. Our producers (parents) went and taught our secret recipes to the kids in Doha Qatar. Turns out kids everywhere really get that making media is a very important skill for anyone growing up in the age of social media. Enjoy this short film from Qatar.

Pot-O-Problems: U.F.C. - Ultimate Food Court Munchie Martials Arts -

We were challenged to go to a restaurant and make a movie during dinner with an iPad. We didn't want to spend all our money on food, so we went the cheaper route and parked our gear at a local Mall's food court. Then the idea hit us to do an Ulitmate Fighting parody. We really were kicked out by the Mall cops. We made quite a mess and the cleaning crews were standing around waiting for us to finish. One of them reported us, so the rent-a-cops shut us down.

We used it as the closing of the movie!

We hope you enjoy!

Animation Chefs Halloween Special

 We had this idea. Why not do a short looping animation about one of the most famous Halloween characters in history. Only have some pun with it.

What's that? Yep you heard us right. Pun.

Enjoy the Headless Horseman as you've never seen him. Enjoy, also, the great lengths we go to to bring you the shortest footage imaginable!

Happy Halloween.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs

Shark vs Rabbit: Coco-copter! Plus Bonus Lesson Abridge-imation.

Here, in the turbo-mode-high-speed versions of our animation lessons, we include all our teachings leading up to the Coco-copter episode of Shark vs Rabbit. Only instead of all 12 minutes of our brilliant how-tos, we've compressed them into about 1 minute blitz of animation bliss.

We know you are busy.

If you want to go through all the lessons at regular speed, go here!

If not, this video silly-speeds by the important parts so you know it took planning & work to make this episode. Just like with every other episode.

Enjoy our turbo lessons and the final video of Coco-copter!


Helping Kids Animate Gorillas at the Bronx Zoo We helped promote the book "Looking for Miza" for Scholastic, Inc. and Turtle Pond Publishing at the Bronx Zoo. They set up an animation station for random passerbys to make some stop-motion animation. Impromptu and fun.

We used the old set-up with a laptop, a tripod and a miniDv camera. If we were to do this today, we'd have 3-4 iPads instead. It is so much easier to do animation today than it was even a year and a half ago.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs