Secret Recipe Ep 6: Whiteboard Animation

Sometimes you want to animate and have an idea reveal itself to you as you go.

This is called "straight-ahead" animation. Traditional hand drawn animation is called "pose to pose", where an animator draws the "keyframes" or "extremes" and an inbetweener fills in all the "inbetween poses, all while following a storyboard.

When you work in teams, this is a great strategy. But, already this is too technical for Animation Chefs' fans, who often work alone, and with stop motion.

This secret recipe is about starting an animation, and seeing where your imagination takes you. No storyboard. No real plot. Just start animating and we what happens.

Things come into your mind and go out your finger tips, onto the whiteboard and into the camera. A deep symbiosis between you and the machine and the idea happens and then, Viola! There is your movie! Revealed and ready to share with the world. Itis fun to do, and it feels like meditation.

There is no faster, easier way to do it than to get a whiteboard, put it under your iPad or other mobile device, and get busy. Enjoy this Secret Recipe from Animation Chefs' episode 6.