Behind the Scenes

Animation Chefs Halloween Special

 We had this idea. Why not do a short looping animation about one of the most famous Halloween characters in history. Only have some pun with it.

What's that? Yep you heard us right. Pun.

Enjoy the Headless Horseman as you've never seen him. Enjoy, also, the great lengths we go to to bring you the shortest footage imaginable!

Happy Halloween.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs

Shark vs Rabbit: Coco-copter! Plus Bonus Lesson Abridge-imation.

Here, in the turbo-mode-high-speed versions of our animation lessons, we include all our teachings leading up to the Coco-copter episode of Shark vs Rabbit. Only instead of all 12 minutes of our brilliant how-tos, we've compressed them into about 1 minute blitz of animation bliss.

We know you are busy.

If you want to go through all the lessons at regular speed, go here!

If not, this video silly-speeds by the important parts so you know it took planning & work to make this episode. Just like with every other episode.

Enjoy our turbo lessons and the final video of Coco-copter!


Call of Fruity: Behind the Bananas

A peek behind the bananas in our Pot-O-Problem animation challenge, Call of Fruity. While we are not the first to parody first-person-shooter video games, we think we've taken an interesting angle in this short animation.

The unrefridgerated vs the refridgerated fruits and veggies.

We give you a glimpse from one of the nights working in our kitchen...not the Animation Chef's kitchen, but our own. Mom had to approve much of what we did to her sacred space. (She make a cameo appearance)

It took us five or six nights of rotting fruit and blue light before we had enough to work with. Our iPad mount with a wide-angle lens created a great look and feel to the whole movie.

Our favorite part is not featured in this clip. We got slap-happy while making up the puns for the Voice Over kill phrases, i.e. impeached, ava-carnage, split-pit, mojito, etc.

We hope you enjoy Call of Fruity and this short glimpse into our midnight madness.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs.

Behind the Scenes @ Tribeca Film Festival Family Day

We had a blast at the Tribeca Film Festival Family Day in New York City. The organizers invited us to come to the event prepared to teach young people how to animate. They provided the tent and technology, we provided the know how and buckets of clay and eyeballs.

The response was almost overwhelming. If we are invited back next year (and they have just enthusiastically done so) we will deputized more Animation Chefs. We could have used at least three more people to help us handle the volume of kids who are interested in animating and uploading their creations to share with the world.

Youngsters as young as three years old, up to youngsters as old as adults were busy making all sorts of creations out of modeling clay. We had three iPads, three Apple TVs, and three flatscreens to display and enjoy each animation as it came out of the iPad ovens.

We hope you all get out an iPad or some kind of smartphone, and animate something to send to someone you think would like it. Let's add animating to the list of tweeting, texting, photosharing, and video sharing we already do. It can be so much fun to surprise your loved ones with a custom animated message.

Bon Animate!

Animation Chefs